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International Peer-Reviewed Journal  
RH, VOL. 3 JULY 2013  
ISSN 2229-385X  
VOL. 3,  
JULY 2013  
: Harshada Rathod  
: Vibhuti Patel  
Poornima Madhavan (USA)  
Anita Kapoor (USA)  
Justin Paul (USA)  
Sitanshu Yashaschandra (Baroda)  
Sachidanand Mohanty (Hyderabad)  
Rupalee Burke (Ahmedabad)  
Penn Kemp (Canada)  
Alice Clark (USA)  
John Michael Raj (Coimbatore)  
Kaushalnath Upadhyay (Jodhpur)  
Prasad Brahmbhatt (Ahmedabad)  
Chandrika Raval (Ahmedabad)  
Ram Sable  
Nutan Jani  
Reeta Sonawat  
Kaveri Pal  
S.K.G. Sundaram  
Padmini Gurgure  
Madhuri Chheda  
Sujatha Gokhale  
Durga Parikh  
Rajshree Trivedi – Executive Editor  
Vaishali Randive  
Trupti Sabharanjak – Assistant Editor Cicilia Chettiar  
Falguni Desai  
Sujatha Rao  
Sejal Shah  
Geeta Varun  
Ravindra Katyayan  
Anuja Deshpande  
International Peer-Reviewed Journal  
RH, VOL. 3 JULY 2013  
We are happy to announce that Research Horizons (RH) has entered 12 year of its  
successful publication. Now, we are taking RH on a much higher i.e. on a global plane.  
Research Horizons is an international annual publication that is peer reviewed, multilingual  
and inter-disciplinary. The journal is dedicated to the cause of academic excellence. The  
articles submitted for publication have to undergo the process of Blind Peer Review.  
We express our heartfelt thanks to the Senior Editor, Editorial Advisory Board (both  
International and Indian), Editorial Review Board and Managing Editorial team. We  
congratulate the contributors of papers/articles book reviews for passing through the test  
of editorial review board.  
We are thankful to Shri Chandrasen Merchant for generously supporting us financially  
for last twelve years. Without his moral support and active encouragement, it would not be  
possible for our team to bring out such an intellectually enriching publication. We would  
specially like to thank our Managing Trustee, Ms. Himadri Nanavati and the other members  
of the Managing Committee of our institution, educationists and Prof. Vibhuti Patel, Head,  
PG Department of Economics, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai.  
As an educational institution, Maniben Nanavati Women’s College is committed to  
contribution to existing body of knowledge through teaching, research, documentation,  
training and extension work. The variety of thematic areas of this journal is trying to meet  
the intellectual challenges posed by today’s ever fast global economy.  
Dear teachers, start preparing your research papers for the next year and submit  
them to us by 31st December, 2013.  
With warm regards  
Yours sincerely,  
Dr. Harshada Rathod (Principal)  
CHIEF EDITOR (Research Horizons)  
International Peer-Reviewed Journal  
RH, VOL. 3 JULY 2013  
From Senior Editor’s Desk  
Research Horizons (RH), an international, interdisciplinary and multilingual annual journal  
aims to examine the nature of disciplinary practices, and the interdisciplinary practices that  
arise in the context of 21 century global challenges to the academicians.  
In the 21 century knowledge economy our excellence, reach, relevance, and  
competitiveness depend upon our ability to contribute to the global intellectual space of  
ideas. We need critical reflection on the unfolding reality to prepare our students, faculty,  
and broader communities to compete successfully and contribute meaningfully to the global  
knowledge economy. Through publication of RH, we are making a humble effort to provide  
a democratic space for exchange of ideas to redefine the very ways in which we think about  
the “academia” we serve.  
In an increasingly interconnected world, our reach and impact extend far beyond our  
immediate host city or region—we serve a truly global community. The greatly expanded  
role and reach of the academic endeavour in the 21st century represents tremendously  
exciting opportunities for collaboration and partnership in scholarship, research, and  
education. At the same time, within this global context, we are challenged as never before  
to respond to an increasingly complex set of societal needs: Our students—both international  
and domestic—increasingly demand an internationalized higher education that will prepare  
them for success in today’s globalized employment and working environment.  
Teachers and researchers from universities and colleges throughout India are invited  
to contribute their research articles (from the disciplines of social sciences and literature) of  
000 words in English, Gujarati and Hindi.  
I am confident that collectively we will create an intellectual charged environment that  
will benefit the academic world and society at large.  
In anticipation of an enthusiastic response,  
Yours faithfully,  
Prof. Vibhuti Patel  
SENIOR EDITOR (Research Horizons)