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JULY 2014  
: Harshada Rathod  
: Vibhuti Patel  
Poornima Madhavan (USA)  
Anita Kapoor (USA)  
Sitanshu Yashaschandra (Baroda)  
Rupalee Burke (Ahmedabad)  
Justin Paul (USA)  
John Michael Raj (Coimbatore)  
Kaushalnath Upadhyay (Jodhpur)  
Prasad Brahmbhatt (Ahmedabad)  
Chandrika Raval (Ahmedabad)  
Penn Kemp (Canada)  
Alice Clark (USA)  
Jaya Earnest (Australia)  
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Ram Sable  
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International Peer-Reviewed Journal  
Dear Reader,  
Research and education are like two ends of a bow. The arrows do not move forward unless the  
two ends of the bow are tightly tied together by a string. None of the ends has a force without  
the support of other. An institution needs to bind the two ends together, namely education and  
researchtoprovide qualityeducation.  
In the context of the entire world , transforming today into a single village, it becomes imminent  
to observe highest standard of quality, to be able to take part as an effective partner in the  
process. 'Publish or Perish'becomes increasingly the order of the day. Keeping in mind the  
Darwinian philosophy of 'Survival of the Fittest', to sustain the quality standards of research, we  
have compared ourselves with others, thereby, identifying strengths and opportunities and  
learned how to improve the quality of our research journal. We also find a way forward to adopt  
best practices from other organizations to gain momentum and to upgrade the standard of  
research publication by obtaining global impact factor on the eve of the 13 publication of  
Research Horizon Index. A blind peer reviewed International Research publication having  
eminent international personalities on the Advisory Board and a prestigious list of subject  
experts, we move forward to the changing needs and priorities of the society. Resultantly, we  
would like to provide our arena of freedom to young innovative minds for developing research.  
There are various ways for developing research attitude e.g. through research degrees,  
publishing research papers, research articles, organizing various seminars, conferences,  
attending refresher courses and workshops, and by contributing to various national and  
international research journals. We, the Editorial Board members take this opportunity to  
provide platform toresearcherstocontinuecontributing inouresteemedpublications.  
We express our heartfelt thanks to the Senior Editor, Editorial & Advisory Board (both  
International and Indian), Editorial Review Board and Managing Editorial Team. We  
congratulate the contributors of papers / articles for passing through the test of editorial review  
We are thankful to Shri Chandrasen Merchant for generously supporting us financially for last  
thirteen years. Without this moral support and active encouragement, it would not be possible  
for our team to bring out such an intellectually enriching publication. We specially thank our  
Managing Trustees and othermembersfor being a constantsourceof motivation for us.  
Dear Researchers, start preparing your research papers for the next year and submit to us by  
1 December, 2014!  
With warm regards  
Yours sincerely,  
Dr. Harshada Rathod (Principal)  
Chief Editor (Research Horizons)  
International Peer-Reviewed Journal  
From Senior Editor’s Desk  
Dear Reader,  
It is so heartening to receive enthusiastic response to the launch of International Peer  
Reviewed version of Research Horizons. Wide range of disciplines, thematic areas and  
languages has been covered by this issue. Our Editorial Advisory Board and Editorial Review  
Board have enhanced credit-worthiness of the journal exponentially. The process of blind  
peer review process has ensured professionalism. The Managing Editorial Team has done an  
up-hill task of keeping in touch all the stake groups for timely production of this volume. This  
Globalisation has influenced each and every core of Indian life-economic, commercial, socio-  
cultural and political governance. Articles written by scholars from disciplines such as  
economics, commerce and management studies critically reflect on aspects such as foreign  
direct investment, commercialization of water and reverse mortgage scheme. Peace and  
conflict resolution has been a major challenge in the globalized world. The welfare schemes  
such as mid-day meal gains tremendous importance as price volatility due to global trade  
bring ups and downs in food-prices. Mega development schemes by the state and non-state  
actors need social audit and financial scrutiny. Article on irrigation scenario provides  
perspective on state of the art in irrigation. Case studies on labour processes and labour  
relations are changing fast. This is captured by articles examining work-condition, wages and  
social security scenario in branded products such as Lijjat Papad and construction industry.  
For past 20 years, micro finance has become a buzz word with respect to income generation  
among women in poverty groups. The current issue also examines need for financial literacy  
and pros–n–cons of micro credit and self-help groups of women. Mass media has played  
significant role in development sector. Article on influence of ICT on farmers' consciousness  
narrates this trajectory. Sexual harassment at workplace has emerged as the most mind  
boggling issue of the21 century.  
This issue also throws light on new legislations to ensure safety of women at workplace.  
Highly debated issues such as empowerment of women, caste consciousness, identity  
question, violence against Dalit women, minority discourse, constructivism in education,  
health tourism, food and nutrition, marital satisfaction, yoga for anxiety reduction are  
discussed with an interdisciplinary perspective by the scholars. Sections on English, Gujarati  
and Hindi literature capture current concerns in literary field such as feminist literary criticism,  
stand point theory, post modernism and provide intellectually rich food for mind and soul  
throughanalysis of films, novelsand poems.  
We promise our readers to maintain the same level of high quality, intellectually energizing  
coverage in the future issues of Research Horizons and invite you to make your contribution  
withthesamelevelof enthusiasm.  
Yours faithfully,  
Prof. Vibhuti Patel  
Senior Editor (Research Horizons)