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International Peer-Reviewed Journal  
ISSN 2229-385X  
VOL. 6, JULY 2016  
: Dr. Harshada Rathod  
: Prof. Vibhuti Patel  
Dr. Poornima Madhavan  
Dr. Anita Kapoor  
Prof. Justin Paul  
Penn Kemp  
Prof. Sitanshu Yashaschandra  
Dr. Usha Thakkar  
Dr. Manjusha Molwane  
Dr. Rupalee Burke  
Prof. Alice Clark  
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Prof. Prasad Brahmbhatt  
Dr. Chandrika Raval  
Dr. Jaya Earnest  
Prof. Hanna Westberg  
Dr. Saoko Funada  
Dr. Vijay Marulkar  
Dr. Pawan Agarwal  
Dr. Kasturi Sen Ray  
Dr. Anuja Jayaram  
Dr. Usha Upadhyay  
Dr. Anuradha Sovani  
Dr. Avdhoot Nadkarni  
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Dr. Ravindra Katyayan - Member  
International Peer-Reviewed Journal  
Dear Reader,  
The world is never perfect and this is applicable to academic institutes also, because quality  
education is a Journey, and not a destination; rather there are only commas but no full stop. The holistic  
development of any institution in the higher education system needs full involvement of the faculty  
ranging from academic to administrative staff. To make the institution vibrant the facilities are expected to  
go beyond the traditional and the limited roles. They are expected to be energetic in academic,  
administrative and theextensionactivities of theinstitution.  
Dr. A.P.J. Kalam avers “we need a new crop of teachers, sensitivity towards the learners is very  
important and the love for the learners leads to the efforts to find solutions. The sensitive teacher has a  
researcherinherandthereshould bemotivationtogroom them”.  
The current scenario has witnessed a rapid expansion in quantity of educational research.  
Thanks to the internet accessibility, scholarly researches are now available at the click of the mighty  
mouse attached to the computer. Consequently there are more research outcomes, brought out in the  
form of research reports, theoretical discourses, graphical presentations, diagrams, etc. These research  
outcomes are disseminated by getting them published in the form of research papers, articles in  
journals, chapters in books, or in a complete book. The rush for a better API score has raised the interest  
of various categories of higher education faculty in getting their manuscripts published. The weightage  
given to publications for recruitment and promotion has led to a surge of publication. There is more of an  
emphasis on research publication in journals with ISSN or a book with an ISBN as these are considered  
to be indicators of quality. Our college is giving an opportunity to teaching faculties from humanities,  
social science & literature to publish their research articles with the help of reviews by a panel of subject  
experts, who are national and international level scholars inducted in the advisory board of Research  
Horizons. As a result, this academic publication has global impact and has been indexed in the database  
of EBSCO, USA.  
We, the Editorial Board members take this opportunity to provide a platform to researchers so  
We express our heartfelt thanks to the Senior Editor, and the Advisory Board (International &  
Indian), the Editorial Review Board and the Managing Editorial Team for their relentless efforts in making  
the journal meet its international standards. We congratulate the contributors of papers/ articles for  
passing throughthetestof Editorial ReviewBoard.  
We are thankful to Shri Chandrasen Merchant for generously supporting us financially, since the  
last fourteen years. Without the moral support and active encouragement of the Managing Committee of  
our college, it would not have been possible for our team to bring out such an intellectually enriching  
publication. We specially thank our Managing Trustee and other members for being a constant source of  
motivationfor us.  
With warm regards  
Yours truly,  
Dr. Harshada Rathod (Principal)  
Chief Editor (Research Horizons)  
International Peer-Reviewed Journal  
From Senior Editor’s Desk  
Dear Reader,  
Year by year, Research Horizons is gaining more and more popularity among academic  
community in Mumbai and all over India. Its plus points are interdisciplinary,  
multilingualism and geographical canvass of contributors and peer reviews. All these  
factors combined together enrich the content and scope of the journal. Multilingual  
advisory board with disciplinary specializations painstakingly go through the  
manuscripts, provide constructive suggestions for improvement. As a result, credibility of  
Research Horizons has enhanced over a period last 3 years. RH is targeted to global  
All contributors whose articles have been accepted are congratulated as they have  
focused their attention to frontline areas of inquiry within their respective disciplines. Many  
of them have also crossed their disciplinary boundaries and have produced paper with  
multidisciplinary perspective. While working on RH, we have taken due diligence to fulfil  
the ethical norms. On behalf of RH team, I express my heartfelt thanks to peer  
reviewers.We appreciate the hard work of RH team for going through the pains of bringing  
outa qualityjournalsuchas RH.  
I hope the current issue of RH will serve the objective of not only creating awareness and  
deepen understanding but also improve our analytical acumen, intellectual insight and  
pose healthy challenges for evolution of vision on wide range of concerns in  
Werequestauthorstosend theiroriginalresearchbasedarticlesand bookreviews.  
Yours faithfully,  
Prof. Vibhuti Patel  
Senior Editor (Research Horizons)